Being a Guard has never been this Easy!!!

1. You MUST APPLY on our MOBILE APP on iOS or Android and WEBSITE on to be considered for the position.

APPLY on our MOBILE APP on iOS or Android and WEBSITE on to be considered for the position.

2. Submit your personal information and professional picture through the application on the Website/Mobile App for the Client’s Guard Selection Page. (Such as, Name, Vin #, Driver License and etc.) Once approved by HR, the magic will begin and Client’s will be able to book you for A+ Guard service.

3. Client’s will either book a guard for a Ride Share or Event based on service needed. The client will input their current location and/or destination, the app will then prompt them to select a guard. 4. Once, the guard is selected the client will wait for the approval and arrival of the guard to start the order. The guard will get an alert w/ event or ride order information.

5. ***PRIOR TO ORDER APPROVAL- The guard will MESSAGE the user for the One Time Passcode (O.T.P#)- Located on the USER- Current Order page. USER MUST CLICK on OUTGOING tab on the Top Right Corner of the Service Order.

6. The Guard will then arrive to the location, show proof of identification and work the event or ride while providing professional and exceptional service.

7. Once the service is complete, the guard will approve the order to be compensated.

Position Requirements:

• All applicant(s) for the Licensed Security Guard app should know this is a Independent Contractor position (For General Information about Independent Contractor and Taxes go to and you are REQUIRED to go through BOTH a Criminal and Motor Vehicle Background Screening for $8.99. The results from the Background Screening will take about 24-72 hours. New guards receive their welcome kit shortly after being approved to Guard/Drive. The kit includes an official guide to getting out on the road/events.

• MUST submit all required documents and information in order to START. Such as Guard Professional Profile photo, Security License, and/or Firearm License.

• All guards MUST show PROOF of Auto Mobile & Ride Share Insurance, Driver License, and Vehicle Information (VIN#, Tag Number, and etc.).

For any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at OR We want to hear from YOU!!!